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Uses of Ridge Augmentation
Posted on 10/19/2020 by Dr. Yokoyama
Uses of Ridge AugmentationRidge augmentation is a minimally invasive procedure done to aid in the reconstruction of the jaw and gum. There are various reasons ridge augmentation is performed, but the most common cause is tooth extraction followed by trauma. The procedure is done to extend the jawbone, especially for patients looking to get a dental implant. During trauma or tooth extraction, the gum or bone tissue below the tooth could be lost easily. This procedure helps to recreate a gum ridge or a natural bone.

This procedure is done by placing a graft material into the socket of the tooth. Ridge augmentation should be done as soon as the tooth is removed or as soon as it falls off, even if you do not plan on getting an implant.

Give Dental Implant Structural Support

Dental implants are very helpful, but they cannot serve their purpose properly if there is no structural support from the jaw. The implanted tooth could easily fall off as you eat or on impact and cause further injuries. During the ridge augmentation surgery, we will create a contoured area of bone to act as a base. This will allow for stability, long-term function, and health of the implant and avoid any future problems such as infection on injury if the implant falls off.

Improves Aesthetic Appearance

The purpose of dental implant stability is to replace lost teeth with an identical one that serves the same purpose. This means that the implant is supposed to retain the nice natural appearance with the natural teeth or even improve on it. However, with a missing bone or gum tissue, the implant does not fit snugly in the jaw, and the irregular appearance of teeth on the jaw is visible. This ruins the smile completely, and you as a patient would not want to smile again, knowing that you have a visible gap left by one tooth, which appears to be broken or shorter than the rest.

If you want us to do this procedure for you, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our office. We have been performing this procedure, therefore we have vast experience and knowledge on it.

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