Open to Provide Periodontal Care

We are pleased to announce that our office is open to provide all levels of Periodontal care to our patients.

Our protocol to insure your safety when coming to the office starts with a online questionnaire regarding whether you have any of the Corona Virus symptoms such as a fever, dry cough, loss of taste. We also ask if you have had any exposures to people who have tested positive for the Corona Virus. Please return this questionnaire before your appointment for our review.

We request that you come to your appointment by yourself, if possible, to limit the number of people in the office. Upon entering the office, we have hand sanitizer for you to use and gloves to wear. Face masks are available and we request that your hands and face are covered when in the office. You will have your temperature checked by Patti who is behind a cough guard at the front desk. Then you will be escorted to your private dental operatory - no waiting in the reception room. All surfaces that you come in contact with are newly covered with plastic for each patient.

We are wearing N95 respirator masks, full coverage gowns, hair bonnets and face shields when providing your periodontal care. These items are disinfected and replaced between patients.

Paper less communication options such as electronic prescriptions, emailing your receipts and touch less payment options have been added. We have "click to pay " text messaging so that you don't have to mail in a payment.

We are looking forward to providing you with the exemplary Periodontal care that you have received and expect from our office in the safest way possible during our current health crisis.


Michael Yokoyama, DDS

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